Dine worry free

Take two Prelief® caplets when you eat acidic foods. It’s drug-free.

Do Acidic Foods and Drinks bother you?

Prelief® removes up to 95% of the acid. Try it and feel the difference.

Available at Walgreens & Rite Aid

Prelief® is available over the counter at drugstores nationwide. It’s simple to take and easy to get.


Do acidic foods and drinks bother you?

Food and drinks with a high acid content are commonly known as trigger foods, because they can irritate acid sensitive areas such as your stomach and your bladder. “Trigger Foods” include coffee, wine, tomato sauce, fruits and juices and many others whose acidity is often not immediately obvious until the effects are felt. Prelief is the only acid fighter designed to help remove acid from foods and stop the foods from causing discomfort.*

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How does acid affect you?

Above the Belt

Above the Belt

If occasional heartburn troubles you – especially when triggered by certain foods – Prelief ® Dietary Supplement may help.


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Below the Belt

Below the Belt

If acid foods bother your bladder it could be interstitial cystitis. Prelief ® Dietary Supplement may help you manage your bladder discomfort.


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Food Acid Reductions


How much acid will Prelief reduce from your favorite foods? Find out here.



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