Do acidic foods bother your bladder?
The acid in those foods may be giving you all that trouble. “Trigger Foods” include coffee, fruits and juices, tomato sauce, wine and many others whose acidity is often not immediately obvious until the effects are felt. Prelief is the only product that takes out food acid as you eat and stops the foods from causing painful symptoms.
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Most Common Acidic Foods:

Just about every fruit and fruit juice that exists
Tangy Citrus Fruits
Garlic and Onion
Spicy Foods
Alcohol (wine, beer, cocktails)
Caffeine (coffee, soda, iced tea)
Salad Dressings

BottomTestArt_05From unbearable pain to active Mom again.
“I have been suffering from bladder pain for years. It started after I had my first child, and got worse after my second. Within one day of taking two Prelief tablets before every meal my pain decreased and I was able to go about my regular activities.”

BottomTestArt_05A distressed college student finds normalcy and happiness.
“As a 25 year old man in college, having interstitial cystitis not only causes significant discomfort but also affects my mood and willingness to live a full life. Prelief has helped me to feel more normal and happy than I have in years.”

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